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Recently, someone bought a crypto Kitty named Dragon for $170,000.

The collectible crypto market has exploded with the creation and launch of the ERC 721 token protocol created by @dete, and supported by many incredible devs on the ethereum blockchain. Crypto Kitties is a genius marketing move by Axiom Zen that brought the ERC721 token into the spotlight. This protocol allows creators to assign individual identifiers to each individual token. Picture CUSIP codes for digital stock certificates, car titles, and pretty much anything else that requires unique identifiers.

Crypto Kitties is yet another online game that when played can earn the players assets that have real world value. Advances in crypto rewards for online gamers are moving at lightspeed and spawning the a new mindset-why earn points when you can earn money. …


Azuma Games PTY LTD

Hello! We are an Australian game studio that creates games with cryptocurrency rewards. We have created Azuma Unification, and our coin AZUM is now trading.

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